Restaurant Name Three pepper restaurant
Address Al Muntazah Commercial Building, Hiteen Street, Al Muntazah, Doha
Near Car Maxx, Old Airport Road, Old Airport Area, Doha
Delivery 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM (Sun-Sat)
Pre-Order No
Cuisines Chinese
Food Category Veg & Nonveg
Facilities DebitCard
More Info Home Delivery
Takeaway Available
Free Parking
Desserts and Bakes
Indoor Seating
Average Cost QAR120 for two people (approx.)
Thin glass noodies QR.10

Coriander QR.10

Sliced potato QR.10

White radish QR.10

Frozen tofu QR.13

Dried tofu QR.13

Chinese cabbage QR.15

Young Chinese cabbage QR.15

Young Chinese cabbage QR.15

Lettuce QR.15


Pickled cabbageQR.20

Spinach QR.20

Day lily QR.20

Lotus root QR.20

Black fungus QR.20

Fresh mushrooms QR.22

Bean curd skin QR.25

White beech mushrooms QR.26

Needle mushroomsQR.26

Chicken pasteQR.20

Beef pasteQR.20

Sliced beef rollQR.28

Mutton rollQR.20

Ox tripeQR.30


Fish pasteQR.28



Hot and sour soupQR.18

Yang Chinese cabbage with tofu soupQR.22

Seafood soupQR.25

Mushrooms with sliced chicken soupQR.25

Fish ball with vegetable soupQR.30

Laver with egg soupQR.20

Sweet corn soupQR.15

West lake beef soupQR.28

Sirloin with tomato soupQR.32

Mutton with glass noodles soupQR.32

Sirloin with radish soupQR.32

Fennel tai chi soupQR.18

Shredded potato with chicken sliced and egg soupQR.25

Shrimp ball with vegetables soupQR.48

Hand made spring rollsQR.15

Deep fried vegetables with minced sea food ballQR.28

Deep fried fish steakQR.35

Apple in hot toffeetQR.25

Chinese fried chicken bone lessQR.36

Deep fried beefQR.42

Fried squid ringsQR.30

Deep fried shrimp steakQR.50

French friesQR.18

Deep fried chicken wingsQR.30

Deep fried chicken steakQR.34

Stir fried snow peasQR.28

Stir fried mixed vegetables QR.28

Tofu with home made sauceQR.28

Braised tofu with mushrooms QR.28

Steamed ladys finger with black bean sauce and chilliQR.25

Stir fried broccoli QR.28

Stir fried morning glory QR.30

Mopa tofuQR.28

Egg with onion QR.20

Yang Chinese cabbage with mushrooms QR.38

Stir fried dry lili with eggsQR.35|38

Eggplant with garlic chili sauceQR.25

Stir fried Chinese cabbage with black fungiQR.30

Stewed mixed vegetables QR.35

Stir fried dried bean curdQR.25

Soft tofu with brown sauceQR.30

Deep fried long beansQR.30

Fried Chinese sauerkraut with glass noodlesQR.30

Shredded potato spicy and sour QR.22

Stir fried celery with cashewsQR.28

Fried mushrooms with spiced saltQR.40

Tofu with soya bean sauceand chilliQR.26

Stir fried lamb or beef with cuminQR.35

Green bean potQR.33

Lettuce with oyster sauceQR.25

Stewed special tofu with ChineseQR.35

Stir fried lamb with onionQR.35

Roasted lamb ribsQR.39

Sichuan pickle with sliced lambQR.45

Stewed lamb ribs in brown sauceQR.45

Crispy lamb legQR.48

Stewed lamb chops with tofu and radishQR.45

Chilli lamb sliced QR.35

Lamb rollQR.20

Youpo lamb legQR.58

Sweet and sour beefQR.35

Stir fried beef with broccoli QR.35

Beef with onions in oyster sauceQR.35

Stewed shredded beef with long beans and chilliQR.35

Stauteed beef with eggs and black fungusQR.35

Poached beef with vegetables in pungent sauce spicyQR.36

Mince beef with glass noodles and chillisQR.30

Stew day lily with beefQR.56

Ox tongue with black beans sauceQR.38

Sliced eggplant with mincedQR.30

Stewed beef with potato QR.38

Sliced potato with mincedQR.28

Chilli ox tongue with sour cabbage QR.38

Eggs with mince beefQR.29

Beef with brown sauce and green chillisQR.35

Guo bao Rou QR.40

Stir fried dry tea treeQR.38

Stir fried beef with louts rootQR.38

Special beef QR.45

Southern fried meatbailsQR.38

Stir fried tea tree mushrooms with beefQR.38

Needle mushroom with sliced beefQR.45|40

Stir fried beef with louts rootQR.38

Stewed dry tea tree mushrooms with beefQR.42

Poached Harriour fish in pungues sauceQR.90

Braise spiced king fishQR.40

Double boried Hamour fish with reservedQR.90

Steamed Hamour fishQR.90

Pan fried beltfishQR.45

Pan fried moosa fishQR.45

Longti steem Hamour fishQR.68

Strewed beltfish with brown sauceQR.45

Hamour fish pot spicyQR.100

Steamed Hamour fish with chilliQR.90

Sweet and sour fish cubes 14

Sweet and sour Hamour fish QR.100

Griddle potatoes with shrimp potQR.58

Deep fried fish cubes with chilliQR.30

Sweet and sour shrimpQR.38

Shrimp with broccoli QR.38

Milk incense shrimpQR.60

Shrimp skewersQR.55

Shrimp with tofuQR.38

Steame shrimp with glass noodles QR.65

Shrimp with Chinese teaQR.55

Fried Chinese chives with squidQR.35

Squid with chilli and sweet sauceQR.42

Shrimp with mushrooms QR.38

Fried shrimps with pepper salt QR.55

Chanzui shrimps spicyQR.55

Squid with green and red pepperQR.39

Mix ox tripe spicy QR.35

Mixed balsam perQR.20

Mixed circumer with needle mushrooms QR.30

Mixed cucumber with jelly fishQR.32|30

Potato pinesQR.26

Steamed chicken legs with chilli sauceQR.30

Mixed tofu stickQR.25

favorite Restaurant

February 25

Very tasty authentic Chinese food. Large portions reasonably priced. Excellent value for money. Parking is limited, but more space behind restaurant. Casual dining.

N Huang

Nice Restaurant

Januvary 19

Clean and fast service! Staff are friendly and very helpful. This is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Doha. Try their fish all soup and deep fried string beans.

Pyke Diaz